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On-Board Weighing Systems

The On-Board electronic weighing systems are divided into three categories: Forestry, Straight Trucks, and all other truck and trailer applications.

SI/Allegany produces scales for almost every truck and trailer combination, including Single Point, Spring, Walking Beam, and Air-Ride suspensions for trucks and trailers and 5th Wheel’s.

SI/Allegany also produces on-board weighing systems for most Straight Trucks, including a Smart Pin for Roll-Off vehicles, and the Route Man system with data storing capabilities for each stop.

Route Man Refuse – On-board Weighing System
SI’s Route Man, on-board weighing system is a high accuracy scale system with data storage capability. The system displays and records in memory one of the following: gross vehicle weight, net payload weight, or individual bin weight. It also displays customer and route information. Route Man operates with all types of waste collection and transportation vehicles.

The load cells for the route Man System are mounted between the truck body and frame in order to sense payload weight. Body-based load cell scale and systems are accurate to 1% of gross vehicle weight. The system can be used with the Route Authority Auditing systems.

Route Authority – Waste Auditing System
The Route Authority Auditing System provides an easy way to transfer customer and route information from the Route vehicle to the office computer. No additional equipment is needed on the vehicle or in the cab. Waste Vehicles equipped with Route Man on-board systems, with barcode scanners, are able to use Route Authority immediately.

For help in selecting the on-board Weighing System most suited to your application, please contact us.

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