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Aircraft and Helicopter Scales – (also see Wheel Weighers)

Evergreen’s easy to use Aircraft and Helicopter Scales are designed around precision strain gage load cells. The system is designed for fast, accurate weight and balance of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. The weight and balance of the aircraft will assist with inspections, log maintenance, and flight safety.

All systems can be set to read in either pounds or kilograms and have an accuracy of 0.1%. Evergreen’s easy to ready liquid crystal displays, (LCD) with a built-in back light can be used for day or night applications.

Who Can Use the Aircraft and helicopter Scale?

  • Anyone needing to weigh or balance a wide range of aircraft and commercial equipment
  • Farm vehicles
  • Cargo-general purpose
  • Ambulances
  • Trailers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Racing teams
  • Corporate fleets

Please contact us for application assistance and price quotations.

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