Vishay/SI/Allegany Weighing Products

 A pioneer in the Weighing Industry, Allegany is known worldwide to build safe, durable and accurate Electronic Weighing Systems. 

 Allegany was the first to develop an All-Electronic Crane Scale and an All-Electronic and Accurate Lift Truck Scale.  Another first was their NTEP  (National Type Evaluation Program) Approval on their Model Eltis-3/LFT Lift Truck Scale.   This Legal-for-Trade Lift Truck Scale allows customers to buy or sell across a weighing device and gives them a certifiable weight using a mobile scale.

For years, Allegany has helped increase the profitability and productivity of the Steel Industry and have earned a highly respected reputation throughout the Heavy Metals Industry.   The Lift Truck Scale has expanded this respected reputation throughout LTL Motor Carriers, Paper Manufacturers, Recycling Centers and Waste Management Centers.

Allegany has now become part of the Vishay Family –  which also includes On-Board Weighing and Data Storage Systems for Straight Trucks, Truck & Trailer Combinations, Roll-Off Vehicles & Loaders, and in addition has a full line of Axle Scales and Wheel Weighers, Load Cells.

Scale products and systems:    We service and Support all Allegany Model Scales.

Crane Scales Checkmate – Low Capacity Scale (1 -50K)

Crane Scales 1020 – High Capacity Scale (70K- 600K)

Billetweigh System

Front-End Loader Scales

Wheel Load Weighers – Road Guardian

Wheel Load Weighers – Road Runner

Axle Scales

  • Industrial Portable
  • Industrial Permanent/Semi-Permanent
  • Law Enforcement Portable Axle Scales

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