Insulated conductor rail on an electric overhead conveyor with a switch in an upholstery production plant

Insulated conductor rail for energy and data transmission in a water purification plant

Insulated Conductor Rail – For Industrial, Material Handling, People Mover and Other Systems

Wampfler insulated conductor rails are power and control supply systems for mobile equipment. Due to their safety, economy, precision and varied range of applications, Wampfler conductor rails are used throughout the world for projects of all kinds and sizes. The insulated conductor rail systems are used for energy and data transfer. Most can be used indoor and outdoor, even in tropical or arctic conditions. They can be adapted to any number of poles for current loads from 10-2000 amps, nominal. Traveling speeds up to 600 m/min or more are possible. Single and double current collectors or multi/pole collector units can be supplied, suitable for vertical or horizontal orientation for switch applications.

Product Qualities:

  • Safe
  • Designed to latest regulations and IS 9001 Standards
  • High Electrical Safety
  • Insulated conductor rails are “touch proof”

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