The Communicator – Wireless SLC Communications

The Communicator installs directly into the SLC-500 chassis. Unlike a modem, it communicates across the backplane as opposed to using an external, serial interface. Therefore, the Communicator lets you eliminate those hard wired cables and extra layers of connectivity that can impede communications. It creates a “virtual wire” that delivers superior performance and maximum flexibility in most SLC communication applications – without the high installation and ongoing maintenance costs associated with hard-wired systems.

Compatible with all SLC-500 Modular CPUs, the Communicator uses radio propagation to wirelessly interconnect one or more SLC-500 chassis. This can be achieved by either a simple point to point connectivity or by means of a more complex multi-node network topology. With the Communicator on the job, information is processed quickly. The information is communicated directly over the SLC-500 platform, and remote data throughput rates are some of the fastest in the industry.

Easy to program with standard “ladder logic” the Communicator can transport data via scanned I/O. Its base/remote topology can support up to 255 nodes. In addition, it is compatible with Control Chief hand-held remote controls units. The Communicator is designed to meet the performance needs of the most demanding applications.


  • Hi-Performance SLC Platform
  • Easy to configure and expand
  • Efficient, flexible, & reliable
  • No FCC site license required (wide band modules)
  • Supports narrow band, and wide band communications
  • Remote Diagnostic mode evaluates link quality to support installation and maintenance.
  • Data rated up to 115.2 kbps with 2.4 Ghz wide band
  • Superior range to 802.11 wireless LAN devices
  • Easy to configure from Allen Bradley’s I/O configuration screen along with front panel DIP switches
  • Four easy-to-read front panel diagnostics LED’s
    • Link Status
    • Receive Data
    • Transmit Data
    • Module Fault

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