MDR-8400: The standard system, handles 46 outputs but can be increased to 96, radio communications link operates on 72-76 MHz or 450 MHz.

MDR-8400 Series – Digital Radio Remote Control Systems

The MDR-8400 Digital Radio Remote Control System is a dual microprocessor based control device designed for the remote manipulation of cranes ranging from one to five motions. A standard system will handle forty-six commands and this can be increased to ninety-six. Stepless outputs are also available.

The complete MDR-8400 System consists of a hand held battery powered command transmitter and a Receiver/Decoder/Interface unit. Peripheral support equipment includes a battery charger, rechargeable batteries, surge suppressors and a transmitter carrying harness and a prewired transfer switch for backup control isolation. Each transmitter is custom designed. The variables which determine how a transmitter is manufactured are frequency, command designation and number of motions-auxiliaries.

Operational Benefits:

  • Improved operator safety
  • Cost effective control
  • Complete self/diagnostics
  • High level of noise immunity
  • Custom transmitter design
  • Interchangeable I/O cards
  • Custom output wiring diagram with each system
  • Lightweight, rugged and portable transmitter
  • No field adjustments
  • Heavy duty, yet high tactile
  • Programmable controller Compatibility
  • Pitch and Catch Systems to allow for transfer of operator control
  • Proven 25 years of excellence MDR-8400 SMB

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