Tuffer Front-End Loader Scale – Weigh-In-Motion Scale System

The Tuffer Weigh-In-Motion scale operates on any brand, size, of Bucket loader, hydraulic log stacker, or industrial forklift. The system incorporates an internal or external sensor. The internal sensor system is located inside the indicator, and the external system, both single external and dual have only the electrical wires to the indicator. The sensors measure change in the hydraulic lift pressure, which is directly proportional to the load lifted and converts it to a digital readout.

The Tuffer scale meter, mounted in the cab, interprets these sensors signals and displays the individual lift weights and cumulative totals by material, customer number, or other preferences. The Tuffer Weigh-In-Motion is also equipped with a two-second last bucket tip-off function.

For help in selecting the Weigh-In-Motion Loader Scale most suitable for your application, contact us.

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