Billetweigh System

The Billetweigh system cuts hot steel billets by weight, as opposed to length, to prevent shipping of excess steel do to mold abrasion and other factors. The accuracy of the Billetweigh systems is within 0.02% of an aim weight. The computer-based system is engineered for integration with a continuous caster and air cylinders that raise and lower the billets from a roll table.

The optimization computer monitors the weight variables before cutting to determine the weight and length of the billet. The system weighs selected billets as they are produced and uses their weight to adjust length of future billets, keeping them at a target weight.


  • Computer Software: Windows based Visual Basic VB6 programs
  • Easy operation through computer software using screens and frames
  • Continuous casters
  • Same weight every time
  • Data pertains to current billet being cut
  • Adjust billets accordingly
  • Current Status of each strand visible through Optimization Control Frame
  • Easy Calibration
  • Works trouble free in harsh environments
  • Water and air cooling system
  • Easy maintenance and repair

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