Power and control reels on a gantry crane

Reel for transfer car power supply

Spring Reels – For Material Handling, Transport and Storage Systems

Spring reels are used for a wide range of applications with proven technique and reliable design. They can be used for automatic winding of flexible cables and hoses on mobile equipment in horizontal and vertical operation. Wampfler’s spring reels are used for: cranes, grabs and magnets, lift and working platforms, machinery, excavators, mobile cranes, transfer cars, transport systems and skimmers in purifying plants etc. Spring Reels are an economic alternative to motor driven reels for lower duty applications. For Higher duty applications, special steel springs can be supplied.

  • Reels in incremental sizes from 140 to 500 mm winding diameters for cables from 1 to 50 mm²
  • Reeling speeds up to 63 m/min acceleration up to 0.03 m/sec²
  • Comprehensive accessories such as rewind lock, guide arms, consoles, heating systems
  • Special slip rings for energy, control and data signals
  • Reels can be supplied pre-assembled with cable

Product Qualities:

  • Advanced compact design
  • Easy installation and start-up
  • High reliability, long life
  • Corrosion proof
  • Economical

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