Slip ring on a stretch-foil packaging machine

Slip ring on a circular purifying plant in a coal mine

Slip Rings – Supply Power to Rotating Equipment

Slip rings are used to supply power and control signals to all kinds of rotating equipment. For example, they are used on rotating cranes, circular sediment tanks in water treatment plants, manipulators, packaging plants, rotary tables, carousels, antenna installations, and theatre stages as well as on all cable reels.

A well-developed standard program enables Wampfler to offer slip rings for power and control of almost any number of poles up to 400 amps and 660 volts at 100% duty cycle. The standard slip rings ranges from 30 mm to 260 mm in diameter and up to 80 poles. Special flanged collectors allow for low total height due to their flat design.

For sensitive data transmission, Wampfler offers rings with multi-layer coatings and silver brushes. High quality glass fiber reinforced plastics are used for electrical insulation and guarantee a high degree of safety. Rotary joints can be integrated to enable the transfer of gases and liquids. Slip rings are also available with safety enclosures made from impact-resistance plastics or sheet steel which are dust and moisture proof (IP65). All models comply with valid DIN/VDE and other international regulations.

Product Qualities:

  • Proven technique
  • Up to date design
  • Compact design
  • Wide range of slip rings
  • High quality signal transmission
  • Reliability
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • Economical

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