C-Rail festoon systems and flat cables

Wire rope festoon systems

Festoon Systems – Light-Duty, Medium-Duty, Heavy-Duty

Wampfler offers a proven and very comprehensive program of festoon systems. From the simplest of systems running on wire rope to high-speed equipment, some with sophisticated synchronized motor drives. Custom solutions for almost every application is their forte. Their festoon systems are generally used on cranes, storage and retrieval systems. You will also find them being applied at waste disposal, incineration and recycling centers. The later may require non-corrosive, acid resistant and possibly even spark resistant systems – not a problem with Wampfler equipment.

Product Qualities:

  • Optimal solutions based on unit construction
  • Custom solutions for individual customers
  • Well developed products based on years of experience
  • Outstanding technology and product quality
  • High reliability and long life products
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Wide application range, including difficult atmospheric conditions and extreme temperatures.

Please contact us for application assistance and pricing.

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