TrainChief® ll – Remote Locomotive Control

TrainChief® II is the most sophisticated, reliable wireless remote control system ever developed for the operation of manual locomotive controls from virtually any location. So wherever your operator stands, it’s always the safe side of the tracks. Lightweight and compact, this third generation of wireless technology offers a greater array of functions, at a more economical cost.

TrainChief® II incorporates the state-of-the-art Communicator,TM the new generation of wireless communication technology. This advanced system is based on the Allen-Bradley SLC-500 platform, and supports UHF narrow band frequencies for communication. TrainChief® II operates under FCC Part 90 regulations and requires a user license. The CommunicatorTM technology offers integrated connectivity to third party devices including: Global Positions Satellite (GPS) systems, Cellular phone links, and vehicular tracking network integration.

The rugged TrainChief® II Transmitter duplicates existing cab controls and sends operator commands directly to the Locomotive-mounted receiver. The receiver interfaces with existing cab controls, so there is no need to reconfigure your set-up. The TrainChief® II puts all the hardware into one small cabinet, delivering outstanding performance and flexibility in a unit that is designed for easy installation. It gives you more control over future enhancements, and with program upgrades that are quick and simple, it will easily accommodate future technology for years to come.

Standard Features:

  • Combined Throttle and Independent Brake Lever
  • Directional Change
  • Sand, Bell, and Horn Controls
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Deadman Operation
  • Low Main Reservoir Air Pressure Sensor
  • Tilt and Tile Bypass
  • Man-Down Alarm
  • LED Diagnostic Display
  • Ease Troubleshooting
  • Expanded Range of Options to Customize System

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