High Current Relay Output Module

Control Chief now has a cost-effective solution for applications with medium to high current requirements. Any of the modular designed SLC processors can be integrated with the High Current 10 Amp Relay Output Module (SLC 5/01 through 5/05). The High Current 10 Amp Relay Output Module has Available 8 output bits and 8 input bits (one of each for each relay). The output bits are used for energizing the 10 amp relay circuits, and the 8 inputs are used as feedback from those circuits.

All relays on the module are rated for 10 Amperes of continuous current draw and are electrically isolated. Each contact available is normally open, energize to close.

The High Current 10 Amp Relay Output Module from Control Chief Corporation provides experienced SLC 500 programmers a new solutions for medium to high amperage load applications.

Output Contact Rating:

  • AC
    • 125 VAC 10 A
    • 125 VAC 1/4 HP
  • DC
    • 30 VDC 5 A

Backplane Current Draw:

  • 70 mA per active relay
  • 650 mA maximum backplace current

Backplane Voltage Requirements:

  • +5 VCD yes
  • 24 VDC no

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