Control Chief Wireless Remote Controls

  • TeleChief® Series:
    TM2000/4000/6000 Hand-held compact radio remote controls ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • Summit Series:
    Choose from 3 models – all great values – with pre-wired receivers that make Installation and setup easy. Outstanding safety features, each has an operating range of up to 1000 feet.
  • RAYMOTE Series:
    Improve safety and productivity with wireless infrared control. Raymote® offers the convenience of wireless control with line of sight safety without possibility of radio interference. No FCC license required.
  • 8400 Series:
    The 8400 series are Control Chief’s high powered, licensed, engineered controls offering greater functionality and range with maximum ruggedness.
  • TK6 Transmitter:
    The TK6 brings advanced components together with a radio remote control system for the most challenging industrial applications.
  • LX3000 Transmitter:
    Light Hand-held transmitter for use with Command Chief and 8400 Series Receiver
  • Command Chief:
    Wireless Remote Control System with Genuine PLC Chassis Integration.
  • The Communicator:
    The latest product from Control Chief. Developed under Allen Bradley’s Encompass program, The Communicator enables SLC-500 PLCs to communicate with each other or our handheld controls wirelessly.
  • High Current Relay Module:
    The High Current 10 Amp Relay Output Module is designed to allow for connection to loads of up to 1-amperes per relay contact with feedback capabilities.
  • TrainChief II:
    Designed specifically for remote locomotive control. TrainChief II® provides reliable operation of the locomotive from the safest, most efficient location.
  • LM Advantage Series Remote Control Systems:
    The L Series transmitters combine leading edge technology in an ergonomic design for easy operation and durability in the harshest environments.


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